High Peak Steels core focus is to deliver the most efficient service to our customers with investment and finishing equipment to support fast turnaround.

Bar Turning:
The option to access our vast range of oversized black bar and turn the product to your exact size, saves machining time and provides customers the exact size of bar required.

Precision Grinding:
This techniques provides steel bar with a defined tight tolerance on diameter,
it produces perfect roundness, straightness and a fine surface finish. This prepares the bar for customers final machining.

Complimentary processes to Turning and Grinding include:
Reel Straightening & Press Straightening

Recent investments in the latest machines that accommodate Carbide cutting technology with Tsune machine will cut materials to within 0.2mm with a finish that does not need facing up.

Our new machine technology cuts up to 8 times quicker than any standard band saw machine, improving efficiencies and reducing customer machining time.

Our Danobat machines will cut up to 520mm diameter and with the new carbide blades produce cut pieces three timesfaster than traditional saws. The largest size High Peak Steels cut is 800mm diameter.

Ensuring you can get to work right away with your steel, we offer Hardening and Tempering, Solution Annealing, Normalising and Stress Relieving for your materials order, to your exact required standard.

Before you begin machining, let High Peak Steels test your critical steels including Non Destructive Testing, Ultrasonic​ and​ Full Mechanical and Chemical testing ​to your ​precise ​requirements.

Delivery fleet

R​e​li​​ability is essential​​ in today’s market. High Peak Steels own fleet guarantees speed of response and​ ​reduc​ed​ lead times​. Our despatch team can plan deliveries to meet your deadline and even send out urgent orders on an unscheduled visit. ​All our vehicles are installed with trackers to keep you updated with your delivery. We pride ourselves on delivering both a quality product and a quality service to your door.